Photographic Materials (belonging to YGT)


Each job files’ photographs have been separated and filed in boxes per their sizes, as following:
• 3.5x5” prints
• 6x4” prints
• 5x7” prints
• 6x8” prints
• 6x9” and 8x10” prints
• 8x12” prints
• Assorted sizes – sizes are described within the catalogue and will be found in boxes which fit their longest side (4x10” would be in the 8x10”” box, for example)
Within these boxes the photographs have been labelled with information such as the window they correspond to, and whether the photograph was taken prior to or after conservation.
35mm negatives have been bundled together and filed into several large boxes, as have the medium format negatives and transparencies, and slides.
Larger amounts of RCHME (Historic England) prints have been put into separate folders when they cannot fit into the correspondence folders.
Unmounted prints have been incorporated into the photographic boxes according to size: these have been labelled as RCHME prints.

Additional Information