Harlaxton College - University of Evansville, 1980s

Scope and Content

In 1978 University of Evansville trustee, Dr. William Ridgway, secured Harlaxton Manor for continued use by the University, purchasing it and leasing it back to the University. Dr. Ridgway made an outright gift of the Manor to the University of Evansville in 1986.

Today Harlaxton College continues to serve as the British Study Centre of the University of Evansville, and welcomes hundreds of students and faculty from the University and a variety of Partner Colleges across America each year.

Administrative / Biographical History

The collection includes various items, correspondence and press cuttings relating to the activities of the College during the 1980s.


Location: Box 16

  • UE2/1/1 List of Summer programmes 1980
  • UE2/1/2 Faculty Manual, Spring 1981
  • UE2/1/3 Two x copies of Harlaxton Society 10th Birthday Newsletter, Feb 1981
  • ue2/1/4 Items relating to 10th anniversary Trustees Tour, June 1981; programme x 3; menus; guest lists x 2; invitation
  • UE2/1/5 Invitation for Summer School Farewell Dinner, 23 July, 1981
  • UE2/1/6 Invitation for Wisconsin University & Louisville University Medieval Banquet, 28 July, 1981
  • UE2/1/7 Summer School 1981, list of Harlaxton College Personnel
  • UE2/1/8 University of Evansville Harlaxton Law Seminar, June-July 1982 [leaflet]
  • UE2/1/9 Time scale and information from Graddon & Pam Rowland's talk (undated)
  • UE2/1/10/1 Harlaxton-Orient Express Tour, 1982. Notes by Louise Averill (Advisory Council), Oct 1982 [2 x copies]
  • UE2/1/10/2 Programme for 1982 Harlaxton-Orient Express Tour
  • UE2/1/11 Harlaxton International Summer School of Music, 1982
  • UE2/1/12 Harlaxton College Booklet, 1987-88
  • UE2/1/13 The Harlaxton Society Newsletter, Summer 1986, features Prince Charles visit
  • UE2/1/14 Original monochrome photograph of Prince Charles visit
  • UE2/1/15 Not so innocents abroad: Reflections on the meaning of Harlaxton. Lecture by J. G. Kingsley, President of William Jewel College, Nov 23, 1988
  • UE2/2 Press cuttings, 1980s
  • UE2/2/1 Growing US education in the UK. American in Britain, 2(1), 1980
  • UE2/2/2 Duncan, A. Boys' Club. Sunday Express Magazine, 21 Feb 1982. Reference to Graddon Rowlands and Grantham's Rotarians
  • UE2/2/3 Sarah J. Wilson. Letter from America. Source unknown, date 1983. First Ridgway scholarship
  • UE2/2/4 The Harlaxton Experience. Special Feature. The Southern News, 31 (3), July 1988. Friends of Florida Southern College.
  • UE2/3 Items relating to car crash on Manor drive in which 6 students lost their lives, 24 March 1982
  • UE2/3/1 Harlaxton College Bulletin, 12(11) week beginning Sunday 28 March 1982. Lists 6 students
  • UE2/3/2 Memorial Service. 4 April, 1982
  • UE2/3/3 We loved them all - a poem written by a students following the fatal car crash [original in Map Chest]
  • UE2/3/4 Six students die in car crash. Nottingham Evening Post, March 25, 1982
  • UE2/3/5 6-death crash: inquest opens. Nottingham Evening Post, March 26, 1982
  • UE2/3/6 Six killed in crash. Grantham Journal, March 26, 1982
  • UE2/3/7 Game of death kills 6. Nottingham Evening Post, March 30, 1982
  • UE2/3/8 Coroner praises man who fouht death-crash fire. Leicester Mercury, March 30, 1982
  • UE2/3/9 Accident verdict on six in crash. Grantham Journal, April 2, 1982
  • UE2/3/10 Memorial service announcement. Grantham Journal, April 2 , 1982
  • UE2/4 International Programs and Services, University of Evansville. Leaflet. Undated.
  • UE2/5 Harlaxton College. Leaflet with reprints from Evansville Courier - Conservatory, Archaeological dig, Pizza Run, Rambling English Castle
  • UE2/6 Harlaxton College Student Handbook, 1979-80

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Added by Linda Dawes, College Librarian, March 2018