Proposal about Printing by Mr. Griffin

Scope and Content

Manuscript item bound in a volume of printed pamphlets.

Title and author details taken from the Bowdler MS. Catalogue where it is listed as 'Mr. Griffin's Proposal ab[ou]t Printing. MS'.

Text begins: 'Printing tho the Ingenious'st & most usefull of Arts ...'; text ends:'... I humbly leave it to ye consideration of his Majesty, who only can best judge what will conduce most to those ends his Majesty aims at'.

Summary: Author is concerned that the Act of 1662 for 'preventing frequent abuses in printing seditious treasonable and unlicensed books and pamphlets and regulating printing and printing presses' has not succeeded in stamping out the printing of such 'hereticall, schismaticall, seditious, blaspehmous, atheisticall, & treasonable books and pamphlets'. He discusses the failings of the former act and puts forward suggestions for improved regulations which would prevent such abuses in the future.

Listed in the Bowdler Manuscript Catalogue: Bundle 323, Item 14, where it is indexed as: 'Mr. Griffin's Proposal abt. Printing. MS'.