A Letter to Thomas Tenison (Lord Archbishop of Canterbury)

Scope and Content

Manuscript item bound in a volume of printed pamphlets (is item number 12 in a volume of 16 items).

Text begins:'Most Revd. Father in God our right trusty & right intirely beloved Counsellor, we greet you well'; text ends: 'Given at our Court at Kensington ye 25th day of Febr. 1705/6 & in ye fourth year of our reign, By her majesties command, C. Hedges'. C Hedges is Sir Charles Hedges (1649 or 50-1714) secretary to the Queen. This letter is referred to in the letter of Queen Anne to Archbishop Tenison, dated 8th April 1707, which was printed in 'His Grace the Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbury's circular letter ... In which is inserted Her Majesties gracious letter to him, of the eighth of April, 1707. Relating to matters in Concovation'(London: Thomas Newcomb, 1707), p.6. This second letter was occasioned by Convocation's failure to act upon that of February 25th in relation to Royal supremacy and the'Due subordination of presbyters to bishops'.

Summary: The Queen is concerned about the continuing 'differences in Convocation', which seem to be increased rather than abated and is surpised 'at this unhappy state of things' as she has always endeavoured to preserve the 'Constitution of ye Church of England as by law established, & to discountenance all divisions or innovations whatsoever'. She is 'resolv'd to maintain our Sepremacy as ye due subordination of Presbyters to Bishops as fundamental parts thereof'. She expects that Tenison and his suffragans will 'act conformably to this our resolution, & in so doing you may be sure of ye continuance of our protection & favour'. The clergy will enjoy similar protection and favour provided they remain 'Dutiful to us & their Ecclesiastical Superiors'. Tenison is to communicate the Queen's wishes to the Convocation. As the Convocation stands 'prorogu'd to ye 1st of March next, we direct you when that day comes to prorogue it to such further time as shall appear to be convenient'.

Listed in the Bowdler Manuscript Catalogue: Bundle 161, headed'Convocations', Item 19, where it is indexed as: '1705. The Queens Lre to the archbp. to prorogue the Convocation'.