A Letter signed T. Sarum (Thomas Burgess, Bishop of Salisbury)

Scope and Content

Manuscript item bound in a volume of printed pamphlets.

Text begins: 'I entirely concur with your Lordships interpretation of Milton's meaning in the passage of his Defensio secunda'; text ends: 'A Preface to it on Milton's religious principles is in the Printer's hands, & will soon be sent to your Lordship'.

Summary: Burgess concurs with his correspondent's opinion on Milton's Defensio secunda and is surpised that it should have been misrepresented by Bisop Watson [of Llandaff] and misunderstood by 'Symmons & Todd'. He has sent a copy of Milton's Tract on true religion published 'the year before his death', which he [Burgess] is reprinting. His Preface to it on Milton's religious principles 'is in the printer's hands' and a copy will be sent.

The 'copy of Milton's Tract on true religion' refers to the apparent 'proof' copy of this text of Milton's 'Treatise of true religion, heresy, schism, toleration, and what best means may be used against the spread of popery', which can be found in the same volume as this letter.

In his letter sent the next day, 1st June 1826 (see reference GB 1953 BTMS/47), to the same correspondent, Burgess corrects his reference to Milton's 'Defensio secunda' here to the 'Defensio pro populo Anglicano'.