An Almanac for the Year 1688

Scope and Content

Manuscript item bound in a volume of printed pamphlets.

'Being an excellent new ballad; In which the qualities of each month are consider'd: whereby it appears, that a Parliament cannot meet in any of the old months; with a proposal for mending the calendar. Humbly offer'd to the Packers of the next Parliament. To the tune of Cold and Raw the North did blow, etc.'.

Incipit: 'The talk up & down'. Explicit: 'And, faith, I think not sooner'.

Table of Contents: Prologue, 6 six-line verses; The Almanac, 12 six-line verses, one for each month of the year; The Epilogue, 2 six-line verses.

This item is listed in the manuscript index at the front of the volume as 'An Almanack for the yeare 1688'.