Manuscript entitled The Present State and Interest of the English Protestant [by Burton?]

Scope and Content

Manuscript item bound in a volume of printed pamphlets.

Text begins; 'There were two unlucky humors whereof the Athenians were anciently guilty ...'; the text ends: 'That the Commons of this land may be religious towards God, loyal to their Sovereign, united in their affections, & diligent in their own busines : which blessings God of his mercy grant, &c'.

On the last page of the text is written 'The very Reverend & Learned Dr. Hickes is humbly entreated by the true owner of this MS. to peruse it, and then to place it in the [Dean and chapter's library in Durham] [inserted] Library, as it is, or in Print, as he shall judge most Convenient. Durham Oct. 29. 1712. Put into Sr. G. Wheler's hands for Dr. Hickes'.

Attributed to 'Burton' by Thomas Bowdler.

Listed in the Bowdler Manuscript Catalogue: Bundle 179, Item 23, where it is indexed as: 'Burton's present state & interest of the English Protestants. MS'.