The Duties of the Ambassadors of Christ by Peter Baudan of Vestric

Scope and Content

Manuscript item bound in a volume of printed pamphlets.

An English translation of the French Les devoirs des ambassadeurs de Christ (2nd edition augmented), by Peter Baudan of Vestric (published by Delft: Chez Henry de Krooneveld, 1694).

The date of this translation is probably not earlier than 1717 which is the date of the accompanying printed items in the volume, and it may date from the 1720s. There is no clue as to the identity of the translator.

Listed in the Bowdler Manuscript Catalogue: Bundle 156 (headed 'Sermons'), Item 31, where it is indexed as 'Of the Duties of the ambassadors of Christ by Petr. Baudan. French & Eng[h.?]'.