Un Exambre de Falsos Milagros y Ilusiones (A Swarme of False Miracles & Illusions)

Scope and Content

Manuscript item bound in a volume of printed pamphlets.

Full title: Un exambre de falsos milagros, y ilusiones del Demonio con que María de la visitación priora de la Anunciado de Lisboa engaño e muy muchas. (A swarme of false miracles & illusions of ye Dive[l] with which Mary of ye Visitacion Abesse of ye Anunciada of Lisboa deceives many people, and how she was discovered & found out & condemned in ye yeare 1588). Written in Spanish by Ciprian de Valerio.

First line of text reads: 'Ffor confirmation of what J. B[ocurson?] often told you'. Text ends: 'Arise O Lord and judge thy Cou[rtiers?][end of text lost]'.

The text is followed by a note in which the translator explains that 'in ye former translation' Prioress was rendered as Abess, so he 'has put all along Abesse in stead of Prioresse'. However, he now realises that Prioress is 'more proper' and 'when yt prints, lett it be altered, because Prioress is ye peculiar word to ye order of Domincans ... as Abesse is to ye Ffranciscans'.

Listed in the Bowdler Manuscript Catalogue: Bundle 164, Item 1, where it is indexed as: 'A MS. translation from the Spanish of the false miracles of an Abesse at Lisbon in 1588'.