Files of correspondence and associated papers

Scope and Content

Re the following:

-Working Party on MAYC aims and standards 1968-69

-Association of Methodist Scouters [ASMS] 1968-69

-AMSG 1969

-MAYC 25th Anniversary Planning Committee 1968

-CBSCC 1969

-Board of Lay Training 1968-69

-Community Education for the Young European Advisory Committee 1969

-MYD Childrens' Committee 1969

-BCC Youth Department [BCCYD]

-MYD Connexional Council 1969

-Chester House Hostel Committee 1968

-Christian Citizenship General Committee 1968-69

-General Council of Physical Recreation 1969

-Continental Holidays' Committee 1969

-MYD Co-ordination Committee 1968-69

-MYD/CEYC Staff meeting 1968-69

-Development Committee 1969 - Secretaries of Departments 1969

-Department of Chapel Affairs 1968

-MYD Executive and Finance 1968

-MYD Full Time Youth Workers' Committee 1969

-Fellowship of Reconciliation 1969

-MAYC Finance and Budgeting Group 1968

-MAYC Finance Group and Co-ordination of Appeal 1968

-Finance Board 1968

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