Scope and Content

Containing the minutes, correspondence and associated papers of the following:

-MAYC Staff meetings, 1968-69

-Staff meeting - age thirteen plus, 1969

-Field Staff meeting, 1969

-Scripture Examination Committee, 1968-69

-Training Committee, 1969

-Board of Studies Sub-Group of the Training Committee, 1969

-Trade Committee, 1969-69

-Training Committee, 1968-69

-Progressive Training Scheme for workers with under thirteens, 1968-69

-Uniformed Organisations Integration Sub-Committee, 1968-69

-Working Party on Minimum Requirements for New Sunday School Teachers, leaders and Youth Workers, 1968-69

-Working Party on MAYC Study Courses, 1969

-Working Party - Conference Resolution on World Poverty, 1969

-DYO Survey Working Party, 1969

-Working Party on Progressive Training, 1968

-Working Party on Departmental Structures, 1968-69

-Working Party to assess Junior Lesson Project and to make plans for Lesson Projects for Juniors, 1969-70

-Working Party on Aims and Standards of MAYC, 1968-69

-Young Adult and Family Committee, 1969

-MYD Youth Camps Committee, 1968-69

-Working Party on International Exchanges, 1969

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