Bundle of production photographs of 'I Claudius'

Scope and Content

Black and white photographs taken by Roger Clifford of the Queen's Theatre production of 'I Claudius'. The versos of the photographs bear pasted production information slips and ms reference numbers:- B889/35 - a crowd scene with Caligula in its centre B890/31A - Messalina and others B891/20 - Claudius and Caligula B891/23 - Claudius wearing mask B891/36 - Claudius and Messalina B893/10A - Claudius B893/22A - Livia B893/57A[?] - Livia and Augustus B897/5 - the coronation of Claudius. Claudius was played by David Warner; Caligula by Warren Clarke; Messalina by Sara Kestelman; Livia by Freda Jackson; Augustus by Charles Lloyd Pack.