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Unsorted miscellaneous material, described thus in William Graves's packing list:- [Box 1] Declaration of acceptance of Office by Parish Councilor, Islip. [Photocopy] "Boar's Hill Shop" Xerox of Daily Mirror October 7, 1920. [Photocopy] FIFTY FOLK SONGS - Compiled at the Request of the - English Folk Dance Society - by Cecil J. Sharp "Concentration" Sketch of Graves working. [Photocopy] Plans of Bays in Espiritu Santo and New Guinea - reprint? From Boletin de la Sociedad Geografica de Madrid, Vo.IV, Plate 1, Jan 1878 San Francisco School Magazine No 8, May-August 1955. [Photocopy] Portrait of Graves c 1920 - Xerox from magazine 'Modern Portraits XV'. [Photocopy] Covering letter from Ross Abrams to William and Elena Graves Foreword by Robert Graves for catalogue to Exhibition by Ross Abrams. [Photocopy] Letter from Robert (and Beryl) Graves to Ross and Mary Abrams. [Photocopy] "Love's Ending" & "Requiem", poems by Robert Graves. [Photocopy] Photograph of Robert Graves with Ross Abrams [Photocopy] EL CASO - Special Spoof edition for Robert Graves's Birthday - Graves and Cela on the front cover. Introduction by Andrey Sergeyev [possibly to translation of Graves's poems into Russian] [Ts text describing] Silver stolen from Robert Graves, broker, 1674 "The textile designs of Nancy Nicholson" by Sophie Browness and Tim Nicholson. [Photocopy] Photograph of Graves sculpture [Photocopies of correspondence and other materials concerning Ruthven Todd.] [Photocopies of photographs.] [The following are all photocopies] Graves's draft plans for Canellun - Originally to be called Ca'n Volta Cedula Personal (copy) Application for "Certificado de Residencia" Graves's baptism Certificate University of Oxford - Bachelor of Letters - Mediaeval and Modern Languages and Literature Agreement between Graves and Alfred A. Knoff for ON ENGLISH POETRY Invoice from Juan Novell Febres for plants (copy) addressed to Laura Riding. Carpenters invoice for Casa Salerosa (copy) Letter from Mariano Lambea to Juan Vives, Mayor of Deya Letter form Civil Governor of Balearics to Mayor of Deya List of persons to whom written invitation should be sent. List of Merits of Robert Graves for declaring him Adoptive Son of this Town. Address given by Robert Graves on being made "adoptive son of Deya". Photograph of event Address given by Camilo Jose Cela at British Council in Palma Full transcript of "Father O'Flynn" with extract from TO RETURN TO ALL THAT "The Face Among Friends" - Article containing anecdote by Robert Graves on children's visit to Churchill at Chartwell [Box 2] "Robert Graves" by Ronald Hayman in Essays in Criticism "Robert Graves, the Art of Revision" by John Woodrow Presley "Robert Graves: A Check-list of his publications 1965-1974" Review by Pauline Scudamore of "Robert Graves: His Life & Work" and "In Broken Images". Incomplete parts of Manuscripts "Pan Set at Nought" Poem by Robert Graves [Photocopy] Paraphrase of Faust Part II, Lines 944-7, with comment by Graves [Photocopy] Prose Manuscript by Graves on his time at Rouen, 1916 [Photocopy] 3 manuscripts of poems "Jusqu'au Bout", "From the Nursery" and "The Last Drop" [Photocopy] Letter from Sam Graves to William and Elena Graves 3 drawings by William Nicholson of Robert Graves [Photocopy] Letter from William Nicholson to Nancy Nicholson with sketch of Graves with W.H.Davis, and Viceroy [Photocopy] Xerox of visiting card: Captain Robert Graves, Royal Welch Fusiliers [Photocopy] Additions to article published by Sam Graves in Gravesiana Suggested articles for an enlarged version of MAJORCA OBSERVED Copies of drawings of Unidentified Pedestal Conference programs etc for Graves conferences at St Johns, Palma, Manchester, Buffalo. [Outsize box] Mylars of Robert Graves "Coin" by Nils Burwitz and of Robert Graves signature/Centenari. Peggy Glanville Hicks - Composer for Theatre - Printed Portfolio

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