Letter from Joseph Clarke, Hull

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Execution of a Bond from Mr. Downe and rent due from him. Application by Mr. Clarke, on behalf of the lessees of the Liverpool Theatre, for a lease of the Yorkshire Theatres, their lease of the Manchester Theatre being about to end. Importance of getting Mr. Downe out of the York and Doncaster Theatres (he has applied for that at Sheffield). Mr. Egerton and Mr. Rayner of Covent Garden Theatre intend to offer for those at York and Hull. York Corporation's proposals to separate York Theatre from Hull and Leeds ('Independently of these towns there will not be a respectable company within 100 miles of York and the conveyance of performers and their paraphernalia from that distance thrice in the year - the Season, the Summer Assizes & Races - will be a heavy expence to a Manager'. Statement of accounts of York Theatre under Mr. Hammond (October 1830 - June 1832) showing a loss of £158.16.1d. List of bondholders of Hull and York Theatres (1837, amended to 1840)

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