Bundle 1: National Prohibition Party

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Drink and the Labour Problem by Bert Baker, n.d. [c. 1908]
[1 pamphlet. 3 copies]

The Battle with Bacchus by Rudolph Blind, Wm. H Jones and Chas. F. Williams, with notes by Bert G. Baker – incl "some of the most striking cartoons ever issued on the drink problem".
N.P.P. publication
[1 illustrated booklet, 22pp.]

Print of Liquor Traffic Prohibition Bill, [1923]
N.P.P. publication
[2 copies]

The Nation's Need or The Case for National Prohibition by Victor Brasher,
n.d. [c. 1928]
[1 pamphlet]

National Prohibition (Constituency Associations) by W. Harold Goldsmith,
n.d. (c. 1928]
[1 pamphlet]

National Prohibition Party enrolment form, Nov. 1929
[1 paper]

The Prohibition Bulletin
no. 39, Nov. 1929
no. 44, Apr. 1930
no. 49, Sep 1930
no. 51, Nov. 1930

[4 journals]

"An Analysis of Local Option" – extracted from Wealth and Waste by Professor A.A. Hopkins, n.d. [c. 1930]
Prohibition Leaflet No. 2
[1 leaflet]

"A Modern Martin Luther" – National Prohibition Party cartoon, Some Themes Against Indulgence in Alcohol , n.d. [c. 1936]
[ 1 leaflet]

The Prohibitionist no 132, Mar/Apr 1941
[1 journal]