Edwin Scrymgeour Collection Box 3

Scope and Content

Box contains many letters from constituents thanking Edwin Scrymgeour (E.S.) for work he has done on their behalf, incl. enquiries regarding war disability pensions and unemployment benefit, c. 1925-30

Papers also include:

Correspondence with E.S. regarding campaign to clear up mystery surrounding the sinking in 1916 of H.M.S. Hampshire, 1926

The Loss of H.M.S. Hampshire on 5th June 1916 – Official Narrative, H.M.S.O. 1926

Letter from A. Donnet of Prohibition Party, Dundee: reassures E.S. that they will be able to carry on as before, E. S.'s weekly letter and "Hansarder" are a big assistance, 17 Apr 1926

Letter from Dav. Heggie, Udny, Aberdeenshire: refers to days they were both going to Prohibition Party meetings; also family references – D.H. had to leave home as father an alcoholic, had differences with father over politics (D.H. a Labour supporter), 12 Apr 1926

Letter from Christian Mission in Glasgow offering support, 1926

Print of Liquor Traffic Prohibition Bill, n.d. (c. 1923)

Correspondence (various writers) concerning resignation of A. Newlands from the Edinburgh Branch: express concern at what Branch is doing, hope E.S. will hold movement together, concerned that branches will go their own way; Newlands considering forming a branch in Leith – has list of 23 ardent Prohibitionists there, 1929

1923 election leaflet from Unionist candidate, Frederick Wallace, advocating protectionism to counter unemployment

Letter form Tom Johnston, Kirkintilloch: refers to kind personal references from E.S in press reports; will work to bring Labour Party round to his views on drink question, (1924)

The Dundee Worker (issued by Local Committee of Communist Party) – incl. article giving qualified support to Tom Johnston, comments ironically on possibility of his being a Prohibitionist candidate – this would force E.S. "to cease diddering about, to be either a reformist – a Prohibitionist or a Labour-reformist", 14 Dec 1924

Letter from Chas. Scrymgeour, Dundee to E.S.: refers to E.S.'s temporary post and gives advice on possible jobs, 1901

S.P.P. Appeals – refer to lack of regular income and difficulties in producing weekly newspaper,

Letter from Mattie [?] to E.S.: has been to Y.M.C.A. meeting, in his speech, Chairman stated "Coming into contact with the soul of the members of the Prohibition Party has brought eternal life into my life", 24 Jan 1909

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