River Wyre catch data and biological surveys

Scope and Content

Includes Wyre stocking data (Farm Witcherwell) of salmon

Salmon stage of development at Wyre.

Salmon egg survival in River Wyre catchment.

Letter regarding requirements over Brood stock at Langcliffe.

River Wyre statutory catch returns for migratory salmonids (1983-1992).

Seatrout and salmon catch statistics (1926-1980).

River Wyre 1992 site surveys.

Reds counts, Wyre system 1999.

River Brock catchment electrofishing survey 1984 of brown trout.

River Brock catchment. Initial impressions from first biological survey 1981.

The effect of Scorton E.T.W on the Benthic invertebrate fauna of the River Wyre 1982.

Pollution of the River Calder by hydrochloric acid 1982.

Biological survey of the River Brock catchment, March 1982.

Biological assessment of potential nursery stream areas, River Wyre catchment 1983.

The impact of Greenfield's Dairy Effluent on Westfield Brook 1983.

Continued monitoring of the impact of Scorton S.T.W on the Benthic invertebrate fauna of the River Wyre 1983.

River Brock catchment. Results of second biological survey, June 1981.

Biological survey of the River Calder following a slurry pollution.

Some information on the Benthic invertebrate fauna of the River Wyre following the severe October 1980 floods.

Electric fishing survey of the gravel addition sites on the River Wyre, Grizedale Beck and Joshua's Beck.

River Wyre nursery stream electrofishing survey 1982.

The effects of adding limestone to acid stressed tributaries of the River Wyre.

1980 Wyre electrofishing survey.

1960s Wyre stocking data.

Letter regarding Lune, Wyre and Keer habitat improvement work 1998, discussing the use of limestone for the creation of spawning riffles on both rivers

Letter regarding acidification of the River Wyre catchment 1999