North West Water, Regional Fisheries Advisory Committee minutes

Scope and Content

Items 1 and 2 missing

Item 3. Notes of Fisheries Liaison and other meetings:- A) Northern Group - 29 April 1985 B) Southern Group - 1 May 1985 C) West Cumbria Special Fisheries Advisory Group - 4 March 1985

Item 4. Fishing licence Duties - 1986.

Item 5. Lead poisoning in swans.

Item 6. Authority investigations into acidity problems in rivers in Cumbria.

Item 7. Fishing offences processed -1985/85

Item 8. Fish counter statistics 1984

Item 9. Payment of grants to consultative associations

Item 10. Fisheries Liaison meetings report.

Item 11. Fishery Byelaws

Item 12. Authority schemes for the benefit of fisheries and fishing

includes a joint statement by Lancaster University and North West Water of total available residual chlorine in the River Lune