North West Water, Regional Fisheries Advisory Committee minutes

Scope and Content

Item 2. Minutes of the last meeting

Item 3. Notes of fisheries liaison meetings A) Northern Group -22 May 1984 B) Southern Group -23 May 1984

Item 4. Fishing licence Duties

Item 5. Fixed Engines - Champion - V- Maughan and another

Item 6. The Flimby arrangement

Item 7. Fishing offences processed 1983/84

Item 8. Diseases of Fish Acts 1937 and 1983

Item 9. Use of Rotenone in the Lancaster Canal at Stainton

Item 10. Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975, s.21 - Application for Extension of the Eel Netting session

Item 12. Liaison with Sea Fisheries Committees

Item 13. Other Business, including fishery bye laws