Information on various Rivers in the North West

Scope and Content

Files include information on joint monitoring surveys carried out between 1976-1984, and salmon and freshwater fisheries in the Solway Firth (1986).

Correspondence regarding Fisheries responsibilities (1989-1990) and site observations (1987) for the Border Esk.

An electric fishing survey (1988) and information regarding River banking at Liddel Water.

A salmonid population survery (1983) and information including a Land Drainage consent form regarding the removal of gravel (1988) for the River Lyne.

Information on the River Eden including salmon catches for 1977, report on minimum acceptable flows for the Eden and Derwent (1968), Flow information including daily flows at Warwick Bridge (1967); Mean daily discharges for the Irthing at Greenholme (1970); Incident reports regarding pollutions (1990) Land Drainage consent forms for the crossing of sewer and wall repairs at Croglin Water (1989); Haweswater Reservoir (1973, 1986-1987) including Enlargement Investigations surveys (1971) and information on proposed fish farm development (1985); Complaint against North West Water raised by Mr E. Luxmoore (1986-1987); a report entitled 'The River Eden in the region of Appleby 1978-1980- filamentous algae and micro-organisms (1980); the impact of Appleby sewage works on the River Eden (1985); and a map of the River Eden.

A letter regarding erosion control measures and electrofishing permission on the River Caldew (1989).

Information on the River Petteril regarding a fish kill (1983, 1988); Pollution complaints (1981, 1982, 1985); Survey of brown trout population of the upper part of the Petteril catchment (1975); information of a tagged fish caught on the Petteril (1976); and biological survery reports.