Information on various Rivers in the North West

Scope and Content

File contains information on the River Irthing including sewage work monitoring and descriptive consent monitoring (1989); Irthing, Gelt catchment surveys (1987-1989); a biological survey of Milton Beck (1985); Biological report on the investigations of salmonid stocks of the Rivers Irthing and Gelt (1971); Biological survey of Cam Beck (1970) Land Drainage Consent forms (1986, 1988); Proposals for juvenile salmonid stocking of Upper Irthing (1984); and a report entitled 'Salmonid population survey of the River Lyne, and of the Upper River Irthing' (1983).

Information on the River Gelt including effects on stream fauna from sheep dips (1978); Eden catchment juvernile salmon survey (1986); Weirs.

Information on Castle Carrock Reservoir and the development as a trout fishery (1976); Biological investigation of a fish mortality in Castle Carrock Beck (1976) and a biological survey of Castle Carrock Reservoir (1975).

Information on the River Eamont including a catchment survey (1987-1989); Canoe access (1988); forms and correspondence regarding the application to change Broughman Mill to a fish farm (1988).

Information on the River Lowther including a 'Survey of juvenile salmonid populations of the River Lowther catchment, September 1984 (1984); and biological and catchment surveys carried out in the river (1973, 1987, 1988, 1989).

Information on the River Waver on a fish mortality in Wiza Beck (1981); a Fishery development report on Rivers Waver and Wampool (1977); a list of sites for Wampool Catchment electric fishing survey; Biological surveys (1972, 1975, 1976) and Waver catchment surveys (1988).

Information on the River Wampool on the Cardew Mires Quarry (1985); Detailed report on the Catchments of the Rivers Waver and Wampool; Wampool catchment surveys (1987, 1988); a note on the quality of Wiza Beck prior to proposed trout restockings (1981); and pollution issues.

Information on the River Eden (Tarns, ponds and pits) regarding samples taken; investigation of a mortality of stocked rainbow trout in Flodders Tarn (1983); further observations; survey of Littlewater Tarn (1972); Biological surveys of Flight pond (1972) and Flodders Tarn (1974); survey of gravel pit at Longtown (1973), restocking with coarse fish (1975); weed control on Thurstonfield Lough (1986); and the Abbott Moss Lake Fly fishing club rules.