North West Water, Regional Fisheries Advisory Committee minutes

Scope and Content

Item 2. Minutes of the last meeting

(items 3 and 4 not included in collection) Item 3. 'take a friend fishing' oral presentation by Mr R. Orton

Item 4. Illegal fishing -theft act prosecutions by local Angling Associations -oral report

Item 5. Proposed net limitation order - River Solway

Item 6. Salmon and freshwater fisheries in the Solway Firth

Item 7. Progress report on Hatchery projects

Item 8. Reserve bailiff scheme

Item 9. Ullswater freshet pumping station

Item 10. Authority investigations into acidity problems in North West Water - progress report

Item 11. River Eden - limitation of net fishing

Item 12. Commercial salmon fishing

Item 13. Coarse Fish close season in enclosed waters

(note states 11-13 are private and confidential and have only been circulated to members of the committee)