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To his mother, says the letters of 18 and 25 December and 1 January all arrived on 3 march; recently been to Lahore on business but did not see Conrad Corfield; notes return of Wavell as commander-in-chief. Had a long letter from Col. Rees (adviser in psychiatric medicine to the Army) [John Rawlings Rees, 1890-1969, psychiatrist], which has passed to the Chief [Cawthorn?]

Met Charles Johnson [later Sir Charles Johnson, diplomat, and notes stayed with him and his wife in Cairo when returning home in march 1946]. He won't be going to Simla for summer. Had a meeting with Lascelles Johnston (diplomat); hoping to hear an announcement on the political future of India soon [in March 1942 Sir Stafford Cripps led negotiations with Indian nationalist leaders in an attempt to get their support for the war. The mission failed as British concessions, mainly a post-war offer of Dominion status were inadequate. After this failure Congress leaders initiated the anti-war Quit India Movement and many were imprisoned).