Sewerby and Marton

Scope and Content

U DDLG/30/739 - 808: An original bundle of leases. (There are others at U DDLG/30/17, U DDLG/30/27, U DDLG/30/34, U DDLG/30/36, U DDLG/30/37, U DDLG/30/41, U DDLG/30/48, U DDLG/30/50, U DDLG/30/51, U DDLG/30/54, U DDLG/30/61, U DDLG/30/62, U DDLG/30/70, U DDLG/30/71, U DDLG/30/72, U DDLG/30/100 - U DDLG/30/107, U DDLG/30/116, U DDLG/30/121 - U DDLG/30/124, U DDLG/30/144, U DDLG/30/149, U DDLG/30/162, U DDLG/30/215 - U DDLG/30/218, U DDLG/30/222, U DDLG/30/245).

Only lessees' names given. They are of Sewerby unless otherwise stated.

U DDLG/30/824 - 854: An original bundle relating to Sewerby Church, Parsonage House and School, and other buildings.

U DDLG/30/855 - 895: Parish Records

U DDLG/30/896 - 921: Plans (See also U DDLG/30/714; U DDLG/30/734; U DDLG/30/840; U DDLG/30/844; U DDLG/30/847; U DDLG/30/850 - U DDLG/30/854)

Access Information

Access will be granted to any accredited reader