Gift: Gilbert son of Luke Silver of Bridlington to John son of Robert de Sywardeby

Scope and Content

Toft & croft in Sywardeby (toft sometime of William Brabaunt W.) and 1 selion arable, in breadth between land of Thomas de Heslerton and land sometime of Robert de Bolton, and in length from the croft of Arnald de Marton to the sea: Rendering 1d. yearly. Witn. Sir Robert Constable ("Constabular' "), Arnald de Marton, Robert de Fleinburg, William his brother, William le Mercer, William son of Gregory, William Cnutell, John de Barkedal. Seal, armorial, 3 crowns, above the shield an estoile, 'SIGILL. GILBERTI SILVER'.

Access Information

Access will be granted to any accredited reader