General Correspondence

Scope and Content

General; subjects D/L/243-244 include: Land Bill debate in House of Lords, Celt newspaper covering Mostyn area, adverse freight charges on Dyserth limestone quarry, proposed public library at Mostyn, 1882, proposed bazaar at Oldham, 1883, death of his father Enoch, 1885, agitation over tithes, 1886, examination of science and art students, 1891, Newmarket [Trelawnyd] Institute, 1909, donation to Caerwys School building fund, 1915, attitude of Lloyd George to Wales, 1917, Disestablishment and Sir S T Evans, separate representation for the Welsh University, 1918, Irish rebel MaSwiney [?1918], Japanese religious group, 1921, memories of J Herbert Lewis's schoolfellows at Denbigh, 1930, tribute to Dr Humphrey Williams, MOH, T I Ellis's proposed book on history of education in Flintshire, 1931, Modernist religious literature and theological matters, 1931, linguistic minorities in Europe, 1932.

Correspondents D/L/243-244 include: Alex Balfour (Liverpool), [?Horace R] Burch, H C Carter, Alfred T Davies (Liverpool), Mr Duncuft (?Oldham), Lord Emlyn, Dr E Pan Jones, John Jones (Dyserth), Capt Lewis, Oldham Welsh United Chapel secretary, Capt Phillips (Dyserth Quarry), J Herbert Roberts [MP], Messrs Thomas & Co (Dyserth), 1875-91; [H H] Asquith, [John] Ballinger, Mr Eldon Bankes, [?Harry] Bemrose, Dr Mary Davies (Hampstead), D S Davies, Prof [?Goronwy] Edwards, Tom I Ellis, Beriah Gwynfa Evans, Ellis Griffith (?Flint), [Edward] Hughes [miners' agent], [Dr F] Llewellyn Jones, Mr Sinnett Jones, [Col T H] Parry, A J Phillips (Newport, Mon), Arthur Price, [Michael Antonio] Ralli, John Rowlands (?London), Very Rev David Taylor, [H A] Tilby, Mr Thorne (Liberal Central Assoc), Sir John Williams (Plas Llanstephan), 1902-32.


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