Scope and Content

(i) Jarvis Jones of Bistre, co. Flint, yeoman.

(ii) Ithell Williams of Argoed, co. Flint, wheelwright.

(ii) agrees to complete the building of 2 houses begun by (i) in Bistre on the site of two old houses, at his own expense, the new houses to be thatched and to have cellars, the timber used to be oak or ash, and the walls to be plastered. He also agrees to finish a nearby building of 5 bays, 3 bays to be a malt kiln, one bay to be thrashing barn and the other to be a family dwelling-house, all to be built to the same standard as the previous 2 houses.

(i) agrees to pay (ii) £45 for his trouble at the rate of £3 per year and to provide ten thrave of wheat straw for the thatching.

(NLW 727).


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