Scope and Content

(i) George Hope the elder and George Hope the younger of Broughton, co. Flint, esq.

(ii) John Smith of Lea, Beckford, co. Chester, yeoman and Richard Smith, his son.

Farm house adjoining the capital mansion house called Broughton Hall and the kitchen, two garrets and outward cellar of the said mansion and the stable called the Back stable adjoining the best stables and all other outbuildings and lands appurtenant to the farm and mansion houses except all the wall fruit, filberts and other nuts in the garden or orchards and five measures of apples.

Term: 7 years.

Rent: £80 for the first year, £85 for the second year and £90 thereafter.

Covenants include references to ploughing up and manuring the land, digging for marl, maintenance of glass in the windows of the farm house, and management of the pigeon-house.

Later agreement endorsed (after the death of George Hope the elder) relating to the restriction of carts and carriages being driven through the grounds, for carrying coal or other purposes, to those of George Hope the younger, Robert Smith and Samuel Higginson.

(NLW 186).


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