Marriage Articles

Scope and Content

(i) William ap Gruffith ap Jollyn Lloit of Alynton, lordship of Bromfield, gent.

(ii) John ap Robert ap Edward of Abymbury in the same lordship, gent.

(i) agrees to keep his daughter Katherine in 'clothing, bedding and chambering honestly according to her degree' and to deliver her to the church door to marry John Erthylysham, cousin of (ii), and (ii) agrees to bring the said John Erthylysham to the church door to marry the said Katherine.

(ii) also agrees to see that his cousin makes a settlement of his meseplaces and lands in Erthylysham and Marchwiell in the lordship of Bromfeld upon trust for the benefit of the said Katherine and their children and (i) agrees to pay a marriage portion of £20.

(NLW 933).


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