Personal documents

Scope and Content

This series consists of 1) official documentation created and used in the course of interaction with public institutions and private organisations of Austro-Hungary, Austria, France or the United Kingdom by members of the Miller family or their relatives, and 2) personal papers such as poems, notes and photographs, given to Martin Miller (MM) or Hannah Norbert Miller (HNM)by friends or relatives and kept as part of their personal papers. Amongst the official documentation there are documents such as the birth, marriage, residency and medical certificates of MM's aunt, Katharina Fried; and HNM's student ID card, temporary French ID card, and Austrian passport. Amongst the personal papers there are sketches, notes and poems dedicated to the Millers and newspaper cuttings relating to the announcement of their marriage.


Hannah Norbert-Miller's personal documents were kept together mainly in box 6 and they have been listed first. Martin Miller's personal documents were mainly stored together in box 1 and they have been listed here second.

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