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From Hull to George Marsden in Albion Street, Leeds. He has had so many letters to write and somany things to do since his return that he has had no time to write until now.

It was on the whole a very pleasant journey and they found their dear aged friend as well ascould be expected. They had a most sorrowful parting.

They have travelled a total of four hundred and six miles this last month and he has preachedtwenty sermons in various places, generally to large and attentive congregations ‘for the workis reviving and extending in all that part of the country in a manner wch truly astonishedme...’ Spiritual matters are discussed. Five of the circuits in the Norwich District want anadditional preacher. Atmore has at last procured one for the Wisbeach Circuit. ‘I do think ourfriends in Leeds have done very wrong in not letting [Thomas?] Hall go out. I am sure there are manythat are far more unlikely. My opinion is that the L. Ms [local Methodists/ministers/meetings?] aretaking too much upon them, and that it will be necessary for us to define their power! The Yorkfolks wd not permit me to call out[?] D. [Daniel] Jackson tho I had him on my list of reserve! Iwish you wd tell Mr [James] Wood that I wish he would prevail on yr people to let Mr Hall go toDiss. [Isaac] Bradnock writes in the most pitiful manner imaginable, and I cannot help him’.

Atmore was thinking also that Sands would do - Marsden should let Atmore know what he thinks.‘I do not conceive I have any power to call out a married man or I wd call out Nelson. You, Ihear, are for having G or J. Smith at Christmas, if not he must go to Wakefield as I suppose poorGreen will never be able to preach again. This I hear is also the case with [Richard] Ellliott,[Robert] Miller and [James] Ridall . So that what we are to do, I know not’. They really needabout twenty extra preachers.

Atmore has considered sending a circular letter to the Superintendent ministers. What doesMarsden and Wood think? He has been forced to employ a local preacher in this circuit forHolderness.

He has lately received several interesting letters, especially one from Brother [William] Toaseresepecting his work among the French prisoners of war. They have sent for the ‘exnoble’ at Jersey to assist him.

What does Marsden think of the Middlesex [Quarter] Sessions refusing to license Methodistpreachers? This will surely bring the matter to a head. ‘The clergy are at their wit’send. They know what to do to put a stop to us!!’.

‘S[?] M. is sadly embarrased with Mr Slater’s affair, and it is feared he will notstand. Young Sutton is now to jail on the same account.

Their love should be passed to Marsden’s wife.