Bundles of Documents

Scope and Content

Various legal and other documents relating to the affairs of the Colllege:

26/1: Letters relating to Preaching regulations 1901.

26/2: Papers relating to increased subscription 1908.

26/3: Letters relating to portrait of Dr Beard 1906.

26/4: UHMC Letter regarding wardenship 1904.

26/5: Papers relating to Sharpe Hungarian Scholarship 1911-1913, including letters from Miss Sharpe, certificates and regulations, other correspondence.

26/6: Letter of resignation of Rev. A Gordon 1911.

26/7: Letters relating to Miss Panton Harris's Appointment as Matron 1910.

26/8: UHMC correspondence relating to Blazeby Library 1908.

26/9: UHMC Summerville correspondence rerelating to Hill & Heys purchase 1905-1906.

26/10: Correspondence regarding Harry Rawson prize 1902.

26/11: Agreement between UHMC and Rev. Mellone 1911.

26/12: Agreement between UHMC and Rev. & Mrs McLachlan 1911-1912.

26/13: Correspondence relating to application for a grant from Memorial Hall Trustees 1906.

26/14: Draft circular relating to alteration in preaching fees 1903, and letters from E. Morgan 1907 and 1908.

26/15: Correspondence and papers relating to Bond of 1902 for new certificate of annuity from Mersey Docks and Harbour Board.

26/16: Draft trust deed, Summerville, 1906.

26/17: Copy trust deed, Henry Tait Endowment Fund, 1896.

26/18: Typescript schedule listing miscellaneous papers relating to Summerville, numbered 1-28.