Bundle of Manuscript Documents

Scope and Content


  • Provincial Assembly (Presbyterian) Lancashire. Meetings 1664. Extracts from Minutes. [Not originals - ditto other 17th and 18th century docs mentioned below]
  • Meetings of United Brethren of County of Lancaster 1693-1720 Extracts from Minutes.
  • Manchester Classis Meetings 1646-48 Extracts from Minutes.
  • Warrington Classis Meetings 1719-1722.
  • Second Classis (Bury) 1647-48. Extracts from Minutes.

2. Meetings of Cheshire Ministers (United Brethren) 1691-1745 with names of Preachers. Extracts from Minutes.


  • Provincial Meeting of Ministers. County of Lancaster 1762-1764.
  • Provincial Meeting of Ministers of Counties of Lancaster and Cheshire 1765-1869 with names of preachers. Extracts from minutes.
  • List of Secretaries of Widows' fund.
  • Lay Chairmen Provincial Meeting.
  • Secretaries and Treasurers of Provincial Meeting.

4. Titles of Sermons Preached before the Provincial 1719, 1744, 1760, 1764. Printed notes.

5. 2 Letters from W.A. Shaw to Alex. Gordon 1887 relating to Cheshire Classis.

6. Private Draft of Report on Provincial Assembly by R.D. Darbyshire (Printed).

7. Minutes from Meeting of United Ministers of Devon and Cornwall 1707.