Report and Letter

Scope and Content

Letter to the Committee of the Home Missionary Board from Frank Baker and John Wright, secretaries of the East Lancashire Unitarian Mission. They report the grievances outlined at a committee meeting held on 10 December 1861. Dr. Beard provided names of available student preachers to them, from which they compiled a preachers' plan. Certain popular preachers were requested by particular missions, who then advertised the preacher on handbills and in the local press. They claim to have suffered setbacks when Dr. Beard replaced the advertised preachers with substitutes. On complaining about this to Dr. Beard, he replied that 'he has to supply demands for occasional preaching in established congregations before attending to the Missions', and suggested that they did not include the names of preachers in their 'plans'. They express their disapproval, emphasize the size of the financial contribution they make to the student's travelling expenses, and ask the Board 'to take the subject into consideration, and to inform us whether any course can be adopted to meet our views, and to prevent our being obliged to discontinue the employment of the students in our mission'.

Detailed report [from Dr. Beard] to the committee of the Board, responding to the complaints in the above letter.

There is also a single sheet containing a list of dates alongside the names of students.