Bundle of Letters

Scope and Content

Concerning the candidature of Benjamin Walker, a clerk and warehouseman of New Wortley, near Leeds. Application letter from Walker, and a copy, in Walker's hand, of a resignation letter he sent to the secretary of the preachers' meeting he attended in Leeds, in which he outlines his reasons for abandoning religious orthodoxy. Reference letters from: 

  • Robert Wilkinson
  • J. Dixon
  • Charles Case Nutter
  • Joseph Winpenny
  • W. Shackleton

Letter from Walker to Rev J. Drummond assuring him of his ability to support his wife and family for the duration of the course. His wife, he assures him, is a good milliner and dressmaker, and is able to earn 'a very comfortable living' by quilting. Further, her mother and friends are 'well off', and he has managed to save money from his wages 'which act as a reserve fund'. He also highlights the various insurance schemes he belongs to, should they fall ill.