Bundle of Letters

Scope and Content

Bundle of letters mostly concerned with the Jubilee Fund set up to raise money to purchase 'Somerville' for the UHMC. Includes letters making contributions and letters declining contributions.

A conflict ensues when officials from Manchester College, Oxford (MCO) make clear their disapproval, suggesting instead that the two colleges amalgamate basing themselves at Oxford. This generates fears of a takeover.

The issues becomes public when opposition is expressed in and article in The Inquirer during May. MCO proposes a conference on the issue, but UHMC committee refuse to participate. A letter from Gordon to James R. Beard of 24 May states 'If the premonitions do not fail me, we are in for a fight; and personally I am ready for it.' There are letters critical of the proposed purchase, and letters supportive.

The upshot of the conflict is the formation of a committee to meet with representatives of MCO. The draft resolution of the committee states that they are 'unable of enter into a Conference on the basis of amalgamation of the two Institutions' but willing 'to consider suggestions for co-operation between the two colleges...' MCO agree to send 7 representatives to meet with 7 from the UHMC.

There is also a warden's account from Hulme Hall ( to help with estimates of expenses related to the running of new premises), and a letter from Gordon to Beard saying that he has agreed to take up the 'residential headship' of Summerville, a letter regarding building work on Summerville and the sale of accompanying land.