Bundle of Documents

Scope and Content

Large bundle of notes, possibly addresses. All appear to be produced by James R. Beard:

  • One lengthy address distinguishing between the roles of Manchester College Oxford and the Unitarian Home Mission College. The latter it states trains Unitarian ministers, the former is about a broader 'search for truth'. The churches it is claimed, need ministers trained in both institutions, but they are different.
  • Lots of notes comparing the two colleges and their functions.
  • Draft letter to 'Mr. Tate' concerning the invitation for Beard to become President and his role as Treasurer.
  • Draft letters relating to activities as Treasurer.
  • Draft response to an article accusing the College of excluding promising missionaries because of their demand for a comparatively high standard of scholarship for entry.
  • Draft letters to 'Dr. Herford' and 'Mr. Odger' on proposal to amalgamate the two colleges.
  • Detailed notes on the differences between the two colleges.
  • Paper headed 'Our College and Our Church', possibly an address.
  • Draft letter 'To the Editor of the Inquirer'. Criticism of 'Dr. Martineau's proposals'. Seems to be related to churches changing their names [from Unitarian?].
  • Notes for a lengthy speech, in which he talks about the history of the College, his role as Treasurer, and appeals for subscriptions to the College.
  • Detailed Treasurer's Reports.