Scope and Content

From William Probert to F. Baker. Probert writes that he has seen the friend he alluded to in his last letter in reference to Ralph Hindle. Ralph Hindle, he states, is a married man with a family and a recent convert from Calvinism to Unitarianism, and as such 'has more zeal than judgment'. His moral character is good but he is 'very illiterate', and 'like others of his class he thinks himself competent for anything', and 'if great care be not taken he will end either in infidelity or insanity'. A printed circular letter is enclosed, again from Probert. It is an invitation to two sermons given by Rev. John Wright.

A further letter is enclosed from Richard L. Betton [?] to F. Baker, dated 27 May 1854 at Black Rock near Dublin. Betton suspects that the last letter he sent Baker was lost in the post and adds that circumstances in his district have made people wary about the safety of their letters. He adds he has now changed his residence and details the health of his mother and father and enquires about Baker. Betton notes that he has been studying and that he intends to go to Harrogate soon. He has also accepted an invitation to Wales.