Bundle of Documents

Scope and Content

'H.D. Roberts MSS and Papers 'Packet II'.

Bundle of manuscript notes.

Original envelope contained list of contents as follows:

  • Sheaf of loose papers including Register of Births and Christenings at Octagon Chapel, Liverpool.
  • a. Analysis of Petition for Peace and Concord 1661 with Notes. b. Printed quotations from Irish Ministers: Joseph Boyse, 1705; Samuel Bruce, 1766; Jas. Martineau, 1840.
  • Address on 'First 60 years of Nonconformity'.
  • Transcript from Folio (Vol. I) of MS of Josiah Thompson, begun 1772, relating to Chester Congregation, in Dr. Williams's Library.
  • Analysis of Thos. Bradbury's Sermon, 5 Nov 1719.
  • Analysis of Thos. Bradbury's A Defence of Mr. Toland 1789.
  • A brief history of Unitarians. (by S. Nye) 1689.
  • Discussion of Archbishop Tillotson's 'Vindication from Charge of Socinianism'.
  • Extracts from Henry Winder's 'History of Knowledge' 1745.
  • On Religion in Poland.
  • Extracts from Burnett's 'History of My Own Time' Vol. 1.
  • Preface to MS 1722 (Petition for an Amendment of Toleration Act).
  • Account of damages done in Riots of 1715.
  • Harmonious Consent ... 1648 (against toleration).
  • a. 'Exeter Assembly' extract from Calamy's Life ed. Rutt 1810. b. c. d. e. Discussions of Tracts in Exeter Controversy by Jas. Pierce 1719.
  • Comprehension and Toleration.
  • 'Free Biblical Enquiry in England' History of.
  • Notes on Diary Correspondence etc. of Dodderidge.
  • On Calamy's 'Hist. account of my Own Life' ed. Rutt 1820.
  • On Salter's Hall Controversy.