Bundles of Letters

Scope and Content

Large bundle of 101 letters and notes from subscribers and local treasurers.

7 letters:

  • From J. Relly Beard to James Drummond dated 1 Dec 1862, reporting on the progress of the College's 3 students. Recommends one of the students, Mr Whitworth, 'to address the public meeting'. Draws attention of the Committee to admission request from a Mr Calloway.
  • From Relly Beard to James Drummond dated 1 Sep 1862. Report on student with health problems, who resigned from the course. Beard believes the reason was that the student was 'afraid to encounter the bad atmosphere of our lecture room'. Reports that Gaskell and himself 'have suffered injury from the foul air', 'nor' he said, 'am I without a fear that the same cause had to do with the death of Mr McMaster. a worse ventilated place it would be difficult to find'. Recommends not accepting student's resignation, but should express sympathy and hope he will resume his studies.
  • To 'Brooke' from 'JW' dated 7 Jun 1862. Mentions 'joint report' and his approval of visiting. Discusses 'the Herald meeting' and his dissent from the decision reached, and articles published in the paper.
  • To Relly Beard from J. MacRee [?] dated 27 May 1862. Concerning communication with John McNaughton. Main subject is his views in a sermon by 'Mr. Martineau'.
  • From Geo Talbot addressed to 'My dear Sir' [Relly Beard?] dated 29 Nov 1862. Expresses view that changes in the tuition at the HM college, bringing it more in line with Manchester College 'is impolitic'.
  • Unsigned incomplete letter concerning chapel in Blackpool.
  • Four letters, two from Franklin Baker (both 1 Jan 1862) and two from Relly Beard (30 Dec 1861 and 2 Jan 1862) addressed to the committee of the Home Mission Board, relating to the dispute over the provision of HMB students for regular preaching [see UCC/1/2/8].