Scope and Content

From Richard Carmichael Bolton to Rev. Baker. The letter begins with Bolton apologising at length for his lack of correspondence and the fact that he hasn't replied to Baker's letters in some time. The reason he gives for this is mainly procrastination. Bolton discusses a poem which Baker sent him and writes that he liked it very much, adding that he now has a new appreciation for the 'Delta Society'. He goes on to say that teaching is sorely impeded by controversy, and feels a reluctance to meet a laity who judge a clergyman by the amount of 'polemical acrimony' he displays alone. Bolton discusses the views of the church and his education. The politics of Europe are discussed, with Bolton agreeing with Baker that war is not the answer. Mention of John Bull and the freedom of England. Bolton returns to the subject of his studies to complain about the attitudes of some of the other students. The issue of a controversy within the Church is discussed at length especially Rome, Ireland is also mentioned. He goes on to speak of friends they met in Harrogate and gossip that surrounds them. Finally news of Mrs. Baker's improving health is welcomed, and the health of others is discussed. Bolton encloses a volume along with the letter and mentions his time in Paris.

Dated at Knightown.