Bundle of Documents

Scope and Content

'H.D. Roberts MSS and Papers Packet I'

Mixed bundle of typescript copies and manuscript notes.

Original envelope contained list of contents as follows:

  • Troubles in England: a. Archdeacon Philpot; b. The Elizabethan Settlement; c. Positions of Puritans and their treatment by the authorities.
  • Analysis of 'Irenicum...' by Jeremiah Burroughs. London 1653.
  • a. Presbyterian and Independent. Emergences and Congregationals; b. An analysis of Contemporary Literature.
  • History of Presbyterians (including an examination of Neal)
  • John Robinson and Separatism.
  • Analyses of Old Unitarian Tracts; Clarke's Scripture doctrine of the Trinity, and Nye's Criticism of it in 'The Expixation' of the Articles of the Divine Unity, the Trinity and Incarnation. L.1715.
  • Analysis of 'Irenicon, or a Review of the late Controversies about the Trinity ...' by Benjamin Bennett. London 1722.
  • Sketch of the Reformation. 'Reginald Peacock; John Colet' William Tyndal and Thomas More; Anne Askew; Joan Bocher (Martyrs); Calvin and Servetus; Reformation and Counter-Reformation; The Troubles at Frankfort.
  • Quakerism and the Spirit.
  • Stillingfleet's Irenicum and unreasonableness of Separation: with Nonconformist criticisms.
  • Works of Thomas Emlyn.
  • Busher's 'Religion's Peace' and c.