History of the Moravian Church in England, 1751-1775

Scope and Content

Contemporary Papers relating to the Moravian Church in England: Second Period, 1751-55 , namely:

  • Watteville's Report on his Visitation in England and Ireland, 1759 (number 1);
  • Papers relating to Ireland, 1751 and 1763 (numbers 2, 3), and Haverfordwest, 1763 (number 4);
  • Erich von Ranrau's Kurze Nachrichten von den ersten Veranlassungen, Anfången and Einrichtungen der Brüder-Gemeinen in England (number 5);
  • John Plitt's, Die Brüder-Gemeinen in England... seit 1728 (number 6), with an English translation (number 7);
  • Extracts from John Caldwell's Diary of his tours in the West of England, 1768 (number 8);
  • Miscellaneous notes and letters of the Rev. J.N. Libbey relating to these Contemporary Papers (number 9).