Extracts from Moravian Church Synods I

Scope and Content

Copies of, and extracts from, records at Herrnhut and in the Provincial Archives, as follows:

  • (a) Ordinances and Notifications by the Lot at the Synodal Conference held at Red Lion Street, London, September 11-23, 1741 ;
  • (b) Notes by an English brother (? J. Hutton) at the General Synod at Hirschberg, June 30- July 11 1743 ;
  • (c) English Affairs at the General Synod at Marienborn, May 12- June 15 1744, and in the Elders' Conference, June 22, 1744 ;
  • (d) Extracts from proceedings at the General Synod at Herrnhaag, May 12-June 14 1747 , relating to Methodism;
  • (e)A Short Recapitulation of some Matters of Moment from the Conferences in Lindsey House [Chelsea], July, August and September 1753. Two copies;
  • (f) Extract of the Report of the Synodal Committee concerning the work of God and particularly of the Congregations in England and Ireland , Marienborn, 4 and 5 September, 1769. Two copies (English and German);
  • (g) Resolutions of the General Synod held at Marienborn , July-August 1764;
  • (h) Das jubel="Jahr" der Synoden der Brüder = Unitåt, 1836, van Johannes Plitt .