'Special Boxes'

Scope and Content

The boxes contain personal and business correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, telegrams and reports for the League of Nations. The documents were originally filed within journals 1/1/1-5, and were extracted and placed within a series of five 'Special Boxes' by Elliott Felkin. He gave each document a reference number which indicates the journal volume to which it relates, followed by a consecutive item number (eg. 7.27 is 'Vol. 7', item number 27). This two-digit number is also recorded on the appropriate page in journals 1/1/1-5. Also noted on each document is the page number of the journal to which it had previously been pinned.

The documents cover the years when he was a student at King's College, Cambridge, an interpreter at Frongoch Prisoner of War Camp near Bala, Wales, later transferred to a Camp at Blandford, Dorset, a personal assistant to Sir Arthur Salter (Secretary-General of the Reparations Commission), a member of the Finance Section of the Commission, and a member of the Secretariat of the League of Nations in the Financial Section and Economic Intelligence Service.


Some items printed.