Second draft, written by David Butler, of an outline of episodes 1-5 of a proposed 10 episode drama about the life of Shakespeare.

Scope and Content

Includes details of the principal scenes, characters and thematic content of each episode.

The episodes have been given the following titles:

1) "Fancy's Child (1576-1583)". Relating to "Shakespeare's boyhood and youth."

2) "The Upstart Crow (1587-1592)". Relating to "Shakespeare's escape from the confines of Stratford and the prison of his stifling marriage."

3) "Fair Friend (1592-1594)". Relating to "the start of the second great emotional relationship of Shakespeare's life", that with the Earl of Southampton.

4) "O, Mistress Mine (1594-1596)". Will experiences renewed emotional turmoil due to his burgeoning relationship with the "dark lady" of his sonnets.

5) "Not without Right (1596-1598)". Following his son, Hamnet's, death, Will is thrown into despair.

For a further draft of episodes 1-5, see AB/ARCH/A/SHA/2. For overviews of episodes 6-10, see AB/ARCH/A/SHA/3.

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Foxing to the left-hand bottom corner of the title page of episode 1.