File containing a revised draft of Ulyssea / I Bloom di Dublino by Edmo Fenoglio, with accompanying correspondence relating to the proposed production at the Teatro Giuseppe Verdi in Trieste

Scope and Content

The draft contains handwritten annotations by Liana Burgess and Anthony Burgess. The title-page includes the following additional information:

Musical by Anthony Burgess.

Stage adaptation by Mario Maranzana.

Translated by Liana Burgess and Mario Maranzana.

Revised by Edmo Fenoglio.

For alternative drafts of Ulyssea, see AB/ARCH/A/BLO/9, AB/ARCH/A/BLO/10 and AB/ARCH/A/BLO/11.

The accompanying correspondence consists of the following:

1) Copy letter in Italian from Liana Burgess's assistant, Merrily Lustig, to Mario Maranzana. Dated 8 February 1993.

2) Anonymous typescript note in English and Italian, titled Ulissea, referring to Burgess's concerns about the Italian translation of Blooms. (Dated 1993)

3) Copy letter in English from Giorgio Vidusso of the Teatro Comunale 'Giuseppe Verdi' Trieste to Artellus Limited (Burgess's literary agent). Dated 19 March 1993. The letter refers to problems and delays in finalising the Italian translation of Blooms.

4) Copy letter in English from Artellus Limited to Giorgio Vidusso acknowledging receipt of his letter of 19 March and referring to Burgess's concerns about the Italian translation of Blooms. Dated 25 March 1993

5) Handwritten note by Burgess in English "To whom it may concern: As my wife and I have consistently worked together on the music and lyrics of my musical version of Joyce's "Ulysses", our final Italian vedrsions work very much better than the revised versions sent from Trieste. I would insist, then, that my wife's and my renderings be considered the only authentic ones. (signed) Anthony Burgess. London, April 1993"