Vocal score of Blooms of Dublin

Scope and Content

Handwritten by Burgess

Songs titled as follows:


Hellenise the Island (Mulligan)

Monologue - Beastly Dead (Mulligan)

Fergus's Song (Mulligan and Stephen)

Mother (Stephen)

The Ballad of Joking Jesus (Mulligan)

England's in the hands of the Jews... (Mr Deasy with Stephen)

Today, it's the sixteenth of June... (Bloom)

At four o'clock this afternoon he's coming... (Molly and Bloom)

It's your fault, Poldy, if I go to Hell at all.... (Molly)

Monologue in Glasnevin (Bloom)

Warm Fullblooded Life (Bloom)

Melonfields, orange groves... (Bloom)

[Street Music]

My eyes they say she has:... (Stephen)

Flower of the Mountain (Bloom)

[Viceregal March]

Credo of the British Navy (Chorus)

Rise again, Ireland (Citizen)

Love Loves to Love love... (Company)

Pretty Little Seaside Girls (Minstrels)

Hymn to Our Lady (Men's Temperance Retreat)

Goodbye, dear... (Bloom)


Opening Invocations (Nurses and Fathers, Mothers, Students)

Copulation Without Population

[Street Music]

[Cissy Caffrey's Song]

Gibraltar (Molly and Boylan)

With all my worldly goods I thee and thou... (Gerty)

Gentlemen of the jury... (Bloom)

Ladylike Sadism (Ladies of Dublin)

[Adulatory chorus for Bloom]

Love Duet (Molly and Boylan)

Do you want to know my programme? (Bloom with chorus)

[Carnival music]

Paris is a lamp lit for Lovers... (Stephen)

The heaventree of stars... (Duet, Stephen and Bloom)

[Final scene] (Molly)

Alternative Form Available

A photocopy of this score has been made and is filed alongside the original text.