The Clockwork Testament, or Enderby's End

Scope and Content

The third of four comic novels in Burgess's "Enderby series" about the fictional poet Francis Xavier Enderby. The novel - first published in 1974 - is usually subtitled Enderby's End, as it was originally intended to be the last book in the Enderby series. However, a further sequel, Enderby's Dark Lady (or No End to Enderby) followed in 1984.

In the novel, Burgess draws on his experiences following the release of Stanley Kubrick's film adaptation of A Clockwork Orange. Employed as a Visiting Professor at the University of Manhattan, Enderby is vilified as a promoter of violence after one of his screenplays, a film treatment of Gerard Manley Hopkins's The Wreck of the Deutschland, is produced as a controversial sex and violence laden disaster film.

The first two novels in the Enderby series (titled Inside Mr Enderby and Enderby Outside respectively) were published in a combined volume, called Enderby: A Novel, in 1968, and were subsequently adapted into a screenplay by Burgess.

This series consists of drafts of the novel, including a fragment of a draft Italian translation by Liana Burgess.

Source: ''A Clockwork Counterpoint: the Music and Literature of Anthony Burgess'' by Paul Phillips (Manchester University Press, 2010)