Draft script of parts 1, 3 and 4 of L'Uomo Shakespeare e' con noi (The Man Shakespeare is With Us), a proposed drama about the life of Shakespeare.

Scope and Content

The title page contains the following information (in italian): "The Man Shakespeare is with Us": The Life and Times of William Shakespeare. A Television Series from Anthony Burgess's "Shakespeare". Written by Anthony Burgess. Produced by Vincenzo Labella for I.T.C. Incorporated Television Company and RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana.

Episode 1 is titled "L'ambiziosa Cornacchia" (The Upstart Crow).

Episode 3 is titled "L'amante brune" (Dark Mistress).

Episode 4 is titled "Morte di un piccolo cigne" (Death of a Cygnet).

For an ?earlier? draft of episodes 1-4, see AB/ARCH/A/SHA/13.