Draft outline of a proposed film based on Daniel Paul Schreber's "Memoirs of a Nerve Case" by Anthony Burgess and Gianfranco de Bosio.

Scope and Content

The outline contains handwritten annotations in an unknown hand and records the following information:

Proposed title: Murder in the Family; Fathers Kill Their Sons; Death of the Soul; Nerve Case.

Screenplay by Anthony Burgess and Gianfranco de Bosio.

Musical score by Anthony Burgess.

Starring Burt Lancaster.

Directed by Gianfranco de Bosio.

The outline is subdivided as follows:

1) The Story and Its Purpose

2) Part One

3) Part Two

4) Conclusion

For further drafts outlines (in english), see AB/ARCH/A/BRA/2 and AB/ARCH/A/BRA/3.

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Slight damage due to foxing and tea stain to page 12.